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29th January - 4th February 2018

Perfect timing to have Roger's Mastermind call this week and have this card present itself - get into the spreadsheet and Ask your questions !


"What quality do I need to consider this week to be at Ease within my business?”


Seek assistance from others to proceed.


Rely on the support and advise of others. Seek assistance.


Assuming you have the answers.  Relying on experience.


A man with an injury limping up a steep mountain, being unfit for the challenge.


Sit with the picture of the card this week, reflect on it well, where can you allow others to contribute to your business?

Have you been “stuck” in a thinking or an emotion of, I have to do this all myself.

This card instructs a stepping back into the reflective introvert space of the Lord and the Mechanic, get all your facts clear and with certainty, you might want to keep moving, but there is an aspect where the business is remaining still.

When we are in truth of our capabilities we can make progress - where are you, in your business, generating a story in mind that is not supportive, keeping you in dis-ease?

Are there things to complete once your clear on what has to be done - ask for support and assistance.

The difficulties encountered will end when wise counsel has been sought, then it will be auspicious to proceed.

Who do you need to ask for support?

Who can contribute to you from a position of wise counsel?

Be selective on who you turn too.

Have a prosperous week.

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