Your weekly business focus: 19th - 25th Feb

How do you feel about expansion ?
We are in the vortex of possibility to 10 x our business, our life, our relationships are you able to step freely into this expansion or is there a glass ceiling on how much is allowed ?
To move through the Impact Meter.
Do you get to a point where you end up making yourself wrong for wanting more ?

This week’s question, 

“What is the quality to be this week to allow myself as an entrepreneur to receive contributions to 10 x in my Business / Relationships /Quality of Life ?

3.2 Precision

Direct energy through set rules and clear conduct.

ACTION: Be forceful in setting the rules to direct energy into action.

AVOID: Hesitating in being heard. Compromising or being overridden.

IMAGE: “Swift and strict punishment in a court for rules that have been broken.”


This quality of precision makes me think about Light.
Dispersed light, like a sunset, is beautiful with it’s glow, but when channelled Light becomes like a laser beam able to cut through steel.

There is extroverted action required in this quality in order to receive contributions to 10 x your business, take hold of inspired action and execute.

The energy is faster, so be aware of times where you stall or procrastinate, it is in the momentum, in the action and flow, that clarity comes.

As an entrepreneur, we need the ability to move and refine our practice while we flow and take actions in the marketplace without hesitating.

Trust and go for it, be precise.

There is an energy and a requirement to disrupt and bite down, to tear through any malaise and lethargy through a disciplined approach you will be able to 10 x.
(Don't forget others can also contribute to you to 10 x - you do not have to do this alone !)

Make a stand to do your business or your life differently this week to move swiftly forward with an unwavering declaration. 

Use the Impact Meter as your guide, use the steps to move through the levels.

These card readings are done evey week, there is nothing recorded or pre-packaged, I work with the energy of the specific time and direct to all of us entrepreneurs who will take time to read the insight.

A thousand blessings on your week ahead and make it prosperous !

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