After working with corporate and SME's for many years in the fitness industry, it is clear to me that people want to do business with real people. Developing a brand that showcases your values and the essence of who you are and why you do what you is more important than ever before, it's not enough to tell them what you do, you need to tell them why you do it.  

Customers have a need to feel valued and will often chose a product or service based on emotion and rationalise their decision afterwards. When someone feels aligned to your message and your vision they are likely to buy, when they feel disconnected they are more likely to leave your organisation. For me this is the essence of building your brand and marketing.

While every business has a distinct framework, in my eyes a successful digital marketing plan has three pillars that are the key drivers to measuring success. They are your community; your digital presence, message and followers, your brand; what people say about you and your profitability; the cost of sharing your message and getting new clients.

Often sales has more to do with having the right person in front of you, at the right time with the right offer. Having an eager prospect who already knows you and trusts you means that generating a commitment {a yes} is much easier. Social and digital marketing allows us to work magic with highly intuitive audience targeting and the ability to test and measure content and messages that connect. Therefor in today's world, branding and marketing go hand in hand with sales and retention.

To attract your ideal prospect and build a relationship with them digitally requires the development of a multi layered branding and marketing plan which includes these key elements:

Creating the right proposition for your ideal customer:

1. The content and copy of your campaigns and brand 

2. Testing and measuring images, content and your offer with clear and conscious messaging

Sharing Your Passion and Purpose

1. Allowing people to see who you are and what you do in all of your content

2. The use of video and personal visibility in your prospecting and acquisition processes

Showcasing Social Proof

1. Sharing testimonials and the results that you have achieved with your clients

2. Highlighting your journey and the truth of where you are at and how you got there.  

Crafting the Prospect Journey

1. What is the unique experience of the customer at each contact point that allows them to connect with you ?

All your marketing should be a clear representation of what people can expect when they work with you. This is the secret to attracting the right clients to your business at the right time.

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