Social media isn’t only for mindless entertainment – and LinkedIn is proof of this. Be strategic with LinkedIn and it will reward you.

As a social network of professionals that offers trusted connections with the corporate and business world, it is important to have a good reach on LinkedIn.

Having a top-viewed and ranked LinkedIn profile is important because it can help you get new jobs, a wider and more influential network to count on, better exposure and more revenue as a business owner.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool if you are doing the right things to improve your reach. Some tips to help you further optimize your presence on LinkedIn are as follows:

  1. > Thought-leadership blogs

  2. LinkedIn Pulse gives you the chance to write expert content about your business, experiences and other important things that professionals will benefit from. This includes well-researched insights into business strategies, trend analysis and predictions, tutorials and social commentary.
    When people visit your profile and see your articles, they will have a better idea of who you are and have a deeper appreciation of your personality and position through the details in your articles and blogs

  1. > Share strategic content
    Sharing content on LinkedIn makes you a prominent feature in your network’s timeline. However, by sharing the kind of content, your network will enjoy it so much that they will also start to share on their own networks.
    This helps to give you reach to secondary networks and those of your contacts. By posting strategically and in a planned manner, you can attract a better audience that you can leverage on in the future.

  2. > Engage Groups
  3. Professional groups on LinkedIn are able to help you to get the most out of your profile by giving you a concentrated set of contacts that are aligned to your purpose and direction. For example, joining a marketing professionals’ group and sharing your thoughts puts you in contact with people in your industry that will have an appreciation for what you know and can offer a business. This also makes you more attractive to headhunters as you are showcasing your skills right where they are also looking for likely candidates for recruitment.
  4. > Use the LinkedIn App
  5. The LinkedIn Connect app is a great tool for keeping up to date with notifications on LinkedIn like birthdays, anniversaries, events, webinars, job postings and other information that may be of use to you.

  6. > Share your LinkedIn posts on other social media
  7. While LinkedIn is best suited for professionals, your content can still reach people that are not directly in your network on LinkedIn if you share it on other social media channels and link it to your website or profile.
    Doing this helps you to leverage on other social media networks to your LinkedIn and amplify the exposure of your posts. For example, sharing the link to an article on your LinkedIn to Twitter and Facebook gets you followers from those networks who ordinarily will not see your post or know about you.

  8. > Focus on one platform at a time
  9. It’s tempting to have several different platforms on the go at the same time and be creating content for all of them – but it’s also very time consuming and can lead to content burnout!
    So my best suggestion is to focus.
    Just focus on one or two platforms (one being LinkedIn, of course) and get those right, and then move of the next one.
    Some entrepreneurs worry that if they aren’t present on every platform their customers won’t be able to find them but consider this:
    Statistics show that the average person has 7.6 active social media profiles and 98 percent of people have at least one social media profile.
    If you try to nail down your strategy on multiple social media sites you may end up overwhelmed and confused – you don’t want to be in that position as a business owner! Mastering each site requires different skills and a lot of time.
    Perfecting your strategy on one site and moving on to another later on is a more practical approach.

  10. > Consider paid advertising
  11. In this day and age it’s pretty simple to create highly targeted ad campaigns across all social media platforms, including LinkedIn.
    You can design incredibly detailed ad campaigns that target very specific demographics. Google also has similar advertising capabilities.
    If you’re willing to spend a bit of money, you can experiment with paid ads to see if they work well for your business. Again, there are hundreds of routes you can take with this approach – do a bit of research to see what appeals to you and your business.

  12. > Share a piece of content from someone you admire
  13. Have you read or seen something amazing by someone you follow? Share it and share the social media love at the same time. This is called curating content and is a great way to get more reach because you a seen by different audiences.

  14. > Do a live video

  1. Social media loves live videos. As we reported in an earlier blog, the live video seemed to immediately take off when they were introduced in 2016.
    Three years later, experts expect that this form of communication will continue to draw in millions of people. This format continues to grow more sophisticated with options that allow you to see who is watching your content and how they are reacting to it.
    Live video is an excellent way to connect with audiences and get more reach because it is given priority by the social platforms.
    A survey showed that nearly 70 percent of live video watchers were felt more likely to buy a ticket to a concert if they had seen a live stream of the band beforehand, and close to 50 percent of people said they would pay to see their favorite athletes or performers in a live stream.
    This opens an entirely new potential revenue stream for brands and people that normally connect in-person with their audiences.
    Try some or all of these ideas and approaches to extending your reach on LinkedIn via organic growth or with paid advertising.
    A better reach on LinkedIn can help take you to the next level of your business development so it is definitely worth the effort.

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