Try to do a search for yourself on top of the page, to see if you got more than 1 profile here on GeniusU.

If so - you should merge them (from your profile settings here:

The reason that many has more than 1 profile, is when they login in different ways;

Some times with email, and sometimes with different Social Media links (which accounts may be made with other email address´).

Having more accounts here will only give you problems;

- People do not see "the complete you", if you are spread over different profiles

- Microdegree steps taken from different profiles (you never seem to finish them, even when you thought you did ;-)

- Message threads (with the same person) spread over different inboxes    

- Different mails from the team (especially confusing if you got both paid and free memberships)

- Email notifications spread over several of your email inboxes 

- More than 1 position on The World Game (difficult to reach to the top)

 etc. etc.  

So do yourself the favor of merging your profiles - AND decide on only 1 login form every time !

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