Do you enjoy Asian food? It is one of the healthiest foods in the world, generally speaking, if we take into consideration the overall cuisine. It is named the world’s biggest variety of flavours even though at first glance it might seem like it is all the same. Here are some interesting facts about it. 

The Balance of Flavours

Five key flavours must be balanced in the meals according to traditional Chinese medicine. They are sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy. In different parts of the countries, different spice stands out, for example, in Sichuan, it is the numbing spiciness, in Hong Kong, the sweet flavour prevails, the northern cuisine is a bit too salty and in the southern parts, the cuisine is sour. 

The division between the North and South

When it comes to the type of food in Asia, there is an invisible division between the North and South Food. Thus, in the north people prefer meals based on wheat such as dumplings, wheat noodles, steamed buns and stuffed buns. On the other hand, in the south Asians prefer bowls of rice or rice noodles. 

Numerous Food Superstitions

Asians are superstitious to a great extent. In the same fashion, many superstitions are connected to food as well. These food superstitions are believed to become true if a certain food is eaten on specific holidays and because of the shape, colour, pronunciation and legend of the food Asians believe something will happen.

A concrete example is that if you eat ingot-shaped dumplings at New Year you will have wealth the upcoming year and if you eat mooncakes at Mid-Autumn you will have a reunion with some family member. Eating lobster and chicken means that you will have a happy marriage. So, if you are looking for a way to meet the woman of your life, find a way how to meet Asian girls in restaurants or have a date with one in a restaurant that serves lobster or chicken. 

Chopsticks Are Used in Unbelievable Amounts

China alone uses over 45 billion pairs of chopsticks a year and because of this unbelievably huge number, there is a disposable chopstick tax imposed by the government to reduce usage. 

Food Decoration Takes New Levels

The Asian chef believes that the first impression of how the food looks cooked is what makes the food many times more delicious. They say “the first bite is with the eyes” so they go to great lengths to serve the meal in extraordinary decorations. 

Fresh Food Is Always the Preferred Choice

Asian people always choose fresh food over canned and frozen food. That is why wet markets are hugely popular and many Asians go there every day. Plus, they believe that food must be eaten in season to combat too much yin and yang, dryness or dampness. 

The Bottom Line

Food is a great part of the culture of the Asians. They believe that in many cases the food is a medicine even for the most serious illnesses. 

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