Getting fast and reliable WiFi around the entire home can be a challenging task. Perhaps the signal drops in the basement or perhaps there are dead zones in your upstairs bedroom where your family members are wishing to stream a movie. Looking at the use, it seems as WiFi has become as important as electricity, yet the performance of WiFi can be unreliable. Given that various things like metal appliances, devices, and architectural features can lead to create interference in a particular house, even the most efficient routers can miss some spots. 

WiFi extenders, aka boosters, are very simple and affordable way if you want to gift your router's network coverage a performance boost. Can't decide whether you need an extender or not? Here we have summed up five common scenarios where a WiFi extender can help you take your WiFi experience to the next level. Continue reading!

Your home has areas where you don't get a WiFi signal 

Some areas where your router's WiFi signal not reaches are known as dead spots or dead zones. These are areas in your house where the network blocks entirely. In some cases, the signal is prevented perhaps due to an architectural feature in your home, or you have walked out of reach of the network of your WiFi router. But if your house has some areas where you can't locate a WiFi signal, then placing a WiFi extender can help by filling in the coverage and eliminating those dead spots.  

Your house has areas with slow WiFi

Perhaps your router is giving the best signals upstairs, but you spend most of your time in the basement or downstairs where your router results in slow and spotty internet connectivity. A lot of people struggle with this problem and just try to cope up with these situations. Be it by moving to the areas with good WiFi signals or by streaming videos with lots and lots of buffering. In such a case, it would be better to consider placing a WiFi extender at your home. By configuring an extender at your place, there will be an instant boost in the performance of WiFi signals and let you rethink how to utilize different areas at your home. 

You want to enjoy the fastest WiFi

WiFi extenders usually helps in turning the dead zones to fun zones, but they can also be configured to add new features and faster speed to your WiFi network. By adding an extender to your existing WiFi network, you can not only upgrade to the latest WiFi technology but also can enjoy the fastest WiFi speeds possible, without the hassle of replacing your router. There are many high-performance extenders available in the market, but Netgear has earned the crown of the best extender. 

Setting up these devices is as easy as counting 123. All you need to do is access mywifiext or mywifiext net and get the ball rolling.   

 If mywifiext not working for you and you have iOS device, then you are suggested to set up your extender using mywifiext local. Proceeding further why you need an extender.

You own a large home 

In larger homes, it is hard to cover the whole area by a single wireless router. In such a case, you can try installing an extender which will help you get signals in the far areas of your house. If investing money on an extender is not your choice, then you can give try to your router by placing it in the center of your home. Perhaps this works for you! 

You want to enjoy WiFi outside your home 

If you are one of those who wish to enjoy surfing internet in the outer areas of your home like pool, backyard, front yard or maybe in a garage, then install a WiFi booster and enjoy WiFi signals wherever you fancy. 

Here's to hope that the article will help you decide why you need a WiFi extender.  

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