Mangalik Dosha remedies are effective and can cure Mangalik Dosha Kundali permanently. Indian Vedic Astrology believes that certain planets are malefic, and their ill-placements can damage various aspects of your life.

Moreover, our astrology provides specific remedies to cure such Doshas. Astrologers carefully check for Mangalik Kundali at the time of marriage as it can affect marital life severely.

In this article, let's understand everything about Mangalik Dosha, which planetary placements cause such Dosha. Its effects on an individual's life and traits of Mangalik Dosha. After understanding the root, we will finally provide the most effective remedies to cure Mangalik Dosha.

What is Manglik Dosha and Mangalik Kundali?

The very first thing we must know is which kind of planetary placements create Mangalik Dosha. Which houses of your birth chart can create this Dosha. And even though there are a few planets which can nullify its effect when it aspects Mars.

Let's know everything in brief.

  • * According to South Indian astrologers, the second house is also considered for Mangal Dosha.
  • * South Indian Astrologers call it Chevvai Dosham(Sevvai Dosham: in Tamil). 
  • * When the planet Mars is located in the 12 th house, 1 st house, 4th house, 7 th house, and 8 th house from your ascendant, it forms Mangal Dosha in your birth chart.
  • * A Mangalik Dosha can be identified with your Lagna Chart, Moon Sign Chart, and Venus Chart
  • * If your Mars occupies houses mentioned above, then it creates high Manglik Dosha 
  • * Based on Mars's location and in which house it is, astrologers can tell the degrees of Dosha. Whether it is high or not
  • * Kundali analysis at the time of marriage can well predict this Dosha. It also helps in understanding the compatibility of the bride and groom 
  • * If, at the time of marriage, astrologers identify the Manglik Dosha, he can provide specific remedies to perform before the wedding. These solutions can cut the adverse effects of mars
  • * The malefic impacts of Mars repeal if it is aspected by the beneficial planets like Jupiter or Venus.
  • * Astrologers believe a Manglik dosha gets canceled after 28 years. Once a boy or girl attains the 28 th year, he or he is free from Mangalik dosha.
  • * Any boy or girl having above mentioned Mars placements in their birth chart has Manglik Kundali.

But why Mars is called the Malefic Planet? Is it a cruel celestial body, or it has some positive attributes also? To get the answer, we need to understand the Mars planet as per the Vedic astrology.

What Vedic Astrology Says About Mars?

Mars holds a very central place in the celestial council. It always keeps an eye on the enemy, as it is the most aggressive planet. It acts as a soldier, and it is a fiery planet with the highest determination.

Those who are under the influence of Mars, own an aggressive nature with other Mangal Dosha traits. Mars is called "God of war.".It causes aggressiveness, argumentative temper, desires, and high passions. 

However, this aggression can be productive if one can channel it in positive matters. Mars also gifts the ability to work hard and unwavering focus. You can harvest these positive qualities if your Mars is rightly placed.

It also projects the attraction of two people. (In particular-opposite sex).That is why it is crucial to know everything about Mars when you get married. This malefic planet can cause fights between the couple. In extreme cases, it also separates partners. One may face ugly disputes and even divorce under the high Mars effects.

Quick Facts About Mangala Dosha

  • People suffering from this Dosha are aggressive and hot-tempered. They get excited quickly about everything.
  • Mangalik Dosha affected people live under a high competitive spirit always. The worst part is they even start the competition with their partners. This affects their relationship.
  • Both Genders (Males & Females) can have Manglik Dosha 
  • It causes aggression and tension in married life. In extreme cases, people may think about divorce or permanent separation
  • It delays the marriage in life.
  • If two Mangalik get marry, then the adverse effects of Mars can be nullified
  • If Dosha is very high, then a person's financial-professional and marital life can suffer. 
  • People with bad Mangal stays under constant stress and can never feel calm or ease in life

Manglik Dosha meaning according to House Placement

  • When your Mars is placed in the first house, then it can cause disputes in your marriage life. A couple may always fight on silly things.
  • If Mars is placed in the second house, .it will cause difficulty to family. Your family may feel stressed because of you.
  • If Mangal is in the fourth house, then it may cause trouble to the career and professional life. You may have confusion about career options
  • In the seventh house, Mars can increase dominance in the relationship. One partner dominates and decides about everything in life. This leads to an inharmonious relationship.
  • If Mars occupies the eighth house, it may lead to the deterioration of the paternal property. Or you may not enjoy the rights over this property.
  • If it is in the twelfth house, it causes mental stress. Which ultimately ruins your family life. You stay under constant irritation, and this causes unhappy relations with family.

Do You Suffer From Mangalik Dosha?

Mangal Dosha is called as Kuja Dosha or Bhauma Dosha. Do you have it in your Kundali? You can find it out from the link below. mPanchang Mangal Dosha calculator is an accurate and effective source to know about this Dosha.

If you find you have Mangal Dosha, you can cure it through various remedies. Use these effective remedies, which astrologers are advising to settle Mars adversity.

Mangalik Dosha Remedies

Are you Searching for Manglik Dosha Remedies

  • Mangal Shanti Puja can remove partial Manglik Dosha
  • Astrologers recommend Kumbh Vivah to cure your ill-placed Mars. In this remedy, a person should marry a Peepal tree. This tree takes away all the adversarial influence of Mars. 
  • Worshiping Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays nullify Malefic Mars. It also helps to please Mars to gain positive gifts from it
  • Pray to Lord Vishnu to get free from this Dosha. It is the easiest way to cure your Mangal.
  • Wear gemstones advised by an astrologer. It helps to strengthen your Mars.
  • Visiting the Navagraha Temple can decrease the adverse effects of Mars. It is an auspicious place to visit for Manglik people.
  • Fasting on every Tuesdays helps a lot to decrease the effects of Manglik dosha.

As a significant celestial body, Mars holds power and intensity. A person with weak Mars is not strong enough to handle even meager life crises. Astrologers especially check Mangal Dosha and take great care in Manglik Marriages.

Do you think you are suffering from Mangalik Dosha? Do you experience any of the traits in your behavior, that we mentioned above? Why don't you check your Janam Kundali by date of birth and time to know The Mangal placement

Mangalik Dosha calculator can help in Manglik dosha cancellation. Download the most useful calculator and apply Manglik dosha remedies now!

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