If your energy and engagement in your work is low, then it is time to reflect on what are your top passions in Life. Your Passions is a free Microdegree on GeniusU, which you can take simply by registering your e-mail and setting your password to login. This Microdegree is free.

Join my Passion Practice Circle on GeniusU to learn more about the process and practice of finding your Flow and increasing your energy through the pursuit and practice of your Passions.

Your Passion Your Life

Most people spend their lives pursuing and protecting other people’s passions, and never discover their own. Regrets come not from what we did, but from what we neglected to do.

Passion is your source of energy, your reason for living. There is no need to compromise it for what appear to be practical reasons.

While your passions and projects are unique to you, there is a proven process and tools that can help you. These tools can powerfully transform your life if you know how to use and take good care of them. We will look at how to move from Mystery to Mastery by connecting Mind, Skill, and Body, much as the Samurai did in honing their craft.

Sign up to GeniusU for and join my Passion Practice Circle for free to learn more about the 4 Steps to:Pursue, Present, and Profit from Your Passions.

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