The get most out of this network ("Toolbox") and your time here - this is how you start:



Be sure to subscribe to email notifications of activity  > LEARN HOW <



Check that you only got / use 1 profile  > LEARN HOW <



Control if your Social Media links is set up correctly > LEARN HOW <


On a daily basis you can - besides going through micro degrees etc. (see below *) - check;


MESSAGES (text bobble on the top of any page)

Under the 3 little dots on the top menu of any page, you´ll find:

EVENTS to join or create

STORE / new products to buy or create

SCHOOLS / MICRO DEGREES / CERTIFICATIONS you will find under the heading "Curriculum"  

CIRCLES to join (or start)

MENTORS  to connect with and get help from

ARTICLES to read or write (remember to tag relevant circles to them, to reach the right audience)

COMPANIES to check out / follow - and/or list your own

OPPORTUNITIES Help offered / Wanted



FRIEND REQUESTS - you´ll find them top right corner (press your name)






GENERAL Tips on how to best get started / benefit max from your time here on GeniusU  > LEARN HOW <


Still need help here - and/or would you like my assistance to make a personalized schedule for your work here!?

Just send me a message, I´m here;


Warm networking regards


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