Please excuse me that having introduced myself, at last, to the GEM community I cross-tagged gender equality circle with articles I had written for that community without exercising to the community the courtesy of first introducing myself. Please excuse me. Looking back at GEM I also see that inadvertently I put also put this longer article in there, having previously introduced myself through a post. One day I will get the hang of the GeniusU website. In the meantime, please bear with me!

My association, though to date not active involvement, with the gender equality group is much longer than with GEM. More recently I have joined the sustainable cities and communities group, which may seem particularly aposite in relation to posts written so it seems reasonable to add this introduction to their group too. Hello. As well as being Candy, a blaze star from Southampton UK, I am a passionate, enthusiastic individual in whatever I do. 

Towards the end 2020 I envisioned cyclable, self-sustaining, sponge cities that integrate all services to which we are accustomed; but in a personalised way. Imagine my surprise when through various subsequent EI/GU presentations I found that at various stages of development these are in existence in different parts of the world.

Through Entrepreneurs Summit I developed a growing conviction that my next big life project is their global promotion. This is both terrifying and exciting! It is a task far too big for me alone … It fits perfectly with my background leading/co-ordinating global scientific / medical teams and long term commitment to gender equality / sustainability …My next really important task is to build the team ...

Sponge cities address every single UNSDG; each one disproportionately adversely affect women and girls ... Any who are passionate about these issues and who are a different profile to me, or even the same as I really should be the co-ordinator of the whole effort, please join me!

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