It’s easy to simplify happiness and claim that it’s obvious that successful people are happy. however, if you really interviewed 100 successful people, you may be surprised that a large percentage of them are not as happy as you think they ought to be. The fact is, you can be a millionaire, have a wonderful spouse, great kids, and everything you think you want and still not be happy. The truth is happiness fuels success.


Benefits of happiness

•    happiness leads to more productivity 
•    happiness leads to a higher work ethic 
•    happiness colours the lens by which you see life 
•    happiness is about today 
•    happiness is a mindset. 


While bad things do happen to good people and can bring them down, the truth is, happiness can be experienced by almost anyone regardless of where they are in life right now in terms of their success.


It just requires that you accept that you can be happy, right now, without anything changing while also developing plans to make changes.

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