Roger believes in lifelong learning and that edtech provides a solution to the education crisis that’s failing millions of youngsters (and adults) around the world.  He says:

“The need for a truly 21st century education system that reflects the needs of the job market is long overdue. The education system is archaic and has one major focus, teaching students how to get a job, whereby our curriculum teaches students how to create a job by understanding your value and leveraging that value.

Genius Group is built on the saying that everyone is born a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it’ll go through it’s whole life believing that it’s stupid. Everyone learns differently and has different strengths and weaknesses. I believe in personalising a learning path that is unique to each student’s needs. Our curriculum is delivered both through mentors and coaches and also through micro degrees on GeniusU, and GeniusU uses forward facing AI to help anyone find their next steps to take. 

EdTech can bridge the skills gap, not only within formal education but also for adult learners upskilling and reskilling for today’s digital world. Rising unemployment, as well as competition for jobs and government furlough schemes has seen interest in digital learning courses for adults also soar during the past few months. Figures show that the corporate e-learning market alone is set to increase by as much as $3.09 billion between 2020 and 2024.

Over the next 10 years, with the rise of artificial intelligence, automated technology, and augmented reality, traditional, manual and customer service based roles will diminish and there will be less need for a large workforce when computers and machines can do the role equally well. The EdTech boom kickstarted by the pandemic is just the beginning in a paradigm shift in how we view education and work.”

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