Bill Gates has led Microsoft to become one of the most successful tech company in history. But what we do not know is the process of getting the success formula that Bill Gates has followed through his life to acquire this position.

Top 10 Bill Gates Rules for Success.

  1. Have Energy
    And not just a little energy — a lot of energy. You’ll need enough to quiet the persistent voices of doubt inside your head and enough to overcome the fear that comes with taking big risks. What’s more, the timing of your energy is important.


  2. Have a Bad Influence
    No, you don’t need someone who tells you to do things that are directly harmful to yourself or to others. However, you do need someone in your life who genuinely believes in you and pushes you to take chances in your professional life. You want a bad influence who will get you out of your rigidly conservative comfort zone and point you toward the risks that lead to success.


  3. Work hard
    If you’re going to be successful, you need to work hard — no, ridiculously hard. If you’re an entrepreneur, you already know that the nine to five workday does not apply to you. While you need to strike the right work-life balance for your own life, you’ll need to put a lot of weight on the work side of the equation. If you want something, you need to work for it.


  4. Create the future
    Bill Gates has always been an innovator and innovation is key to success. Think about it: time rolls on, with or without you. If you’re going to be successful in your field, you need to get on board and look ahead. Creating for the now will all but ensure eventual failure. Create for tomorrow, and you all but ensure your longevity.


  5. Enjoy what you do
    It’s very important to enjoy what you do every day. Bill Gates enjoys working with smart people and working on new problems. You need to enjoy overcoming big challenges, solving difficult problems, and most importantly, how you spend your time every day. And more than that, you need to love the people you work with.


  6. Play Bridge
    It sounds crazy — how can playing bridge lead to success? — but there are in fact several benefits of playing this card game that can help in just about every aspect of life, including and especially business. Bridge teaches you to concentrate on the task at hand and think strategically. It keeps your brain active and your mind sharp. Plus, because you play bridge with three other people, it enforces unspoken rules about being social and respectful and enhances your communication skills. If you can master the bridge table, according to Bill Gates, you’ll have a leg up at the boardroom table.


  7. Ask for advice
    A small number of people that you can turn to on certain key things are a great asset. It’s very important to ask friends and family for advice. Bill Gates always relies on his wife; Melinda’s advice where he knows his judgment is not the strongest. Create a small inner circle of smart people whom you trust to give you good advice.


  8. Pick good people
    Hiring is one of the biggest responsibilities you’ll have as an entrepreneur, so you’ll want to take it seriously. Look for people you can trust, people who are committed to your mission, and people who share your vision for the company you’re trying to build. You can always run your ideas by them and they can offer you their insight, which may also differ slightly from your views. Picking the right people is therefore crucial.


  9. Don’t procrastinate
    Procrastination or doing things at the last minute is a very bad habit and like any bad habit, you’ll want to break it — the sooner, the better. By not waiting until the last minute to do things, you stay organized, you consistently meet deadlines, and you always put your best foot forward.


  10. Have a sense of humour
    It’s always important to have a sense of humour. You can’t always be uptight and stressed. Yes, you need to take your work seriously, but the ability to laugh is endearing, and it can help to keep the mood positive.


Each one of us is unique. So just figure out what you love to do and find a way of earning through it. Keep yourself motivated and a path that you can follow!

You don’t have to be exactly like Bill Gates to be successful. You can use your experience, together with these rules for success, and build a better future for yourself and others.

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