There will be approx. 136 Million Facebook Messenger users in the US by the end of 2021, the figure globally will be over 2.5 Billion!.   Now you may have seen slightly different figures, but the point is, there is a huge number of people at the end of Facebook Messenger ready and willing to opt-in into receiving valuable messaging from companies.


With so much potential as a business messaging distribution platform, savvy companies are assessing how this tool can help them communicate their messaging and help them sell to their target market. 


Unfortunately, many of the companies we speak to, are unsure as to exactly how to capitalise on using Messenger Marketing. This is where we walk through a simple process of understanding their sales and marketing strategy along with revenue objectives for the current year.


This gives us an idea of what they are aiming for with the current mix of platforms and messaging. We then layer in a Messenger Marketing test campaign to support and augment the existing plan, but adding in little additional cost, but with a high sales upside.


The goal is to generate incremental sales revenue at higher margins, and higher margins can be achieved through a strategy of upsells and cross-sells of products and services.


Once a Messenger Marketing sequence has been set up it is easy to measure its effectiveness and then to tweak the sequence until we get a successful execution that hits key metrics.

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