When you want to find information on the Internet, chances are that you head to Google, the world’s most popular search engine. Google is the brainchild of Larry Page, who first conceived this idea when he was a student at Stanford.
Larry Page is not just a passionate businessman but also has a keen interest in the way the industry is evolving. He is the epitome of technical evolution and the way he is managing things. To help the entrepreneurial minds thrive in the business world, here are ten career lessons that you can learn from Page’s staggering success.

Network Should be Denser
Do you know the giant’s Amazon, Disney, Apple, and Google, all started in an empty garage with nothing but the belief of their founders. This is what one requires to thrive in the business world that works with the desired goal and believes in their ideas.
The network need not be bigger to thrive but it is essential to be denser if you want to reach your goals. This concept of entrepreneurship can help in reaching new heights in a limited time frame and make an environment where everyone can gain their goals. It is a great way to start or work toward goals while entering the market.
The denser the community, the easier it will be to thrive with like-minded people. The conventional metrics allow businesses to be successful with a master plan and blockbuster setup.

Strength Shows Your Potential
It is best to not only focus on your strength but also know your weaknesses. However, focusing on your weaknesses will take you nowhere. So, make sure to keep your eyes on your strength on your goals and try to move forward while keeping your eyes set.
Learn from your weaknesses and try to overcome them while keeping your strength as your potential to move forward. This is one of the main qualities of an entrepreneur. Focusing on strength will make sure that you are being purposeful that will eventually help you to thrive in your business. This motivates you to do better and build a business that people can be hooked on too.

Dream Big, Achieve Big
Every big company was once a startup so don’t think for a second that you can’t dream big during your struggling days. You need to work hard to achieve your goals in both cases whether you have a startup or a big business, which is another concept of entrepreneurship.
Dream big but make sure to set out the resources and work hard to achieve those dreams. Just keep your eyes on your target and dive into the world where you might have to make some difficult decisions and risks. It will help you to succeed in the business.

There is a lot to do apart from Technology
Yes! We are living in a world where technology is all we can think about. But to start something new you don’t have technology as Larry Page explained. Some moonshots are not about technology and that can add value to the business world as well as to the characteristics of entrepreneurship.
The motive is to find out the real-life problem on which your business will depend on or will try to solve. This can focus on the substantial risks and persistence for the brands that can help you to thrive in the business world. Just make sure to be very focused and use the information in the right direction for desirable results.

Build Better
There are multiple search engines or web browsers available in the market but our trust goes to Google without any doubt. This is something included in the qualities of an entrepreneur, one needs to work on a product that can stand alone in the market without any major competition.
It is essential to make sure that the product is 10X better than the existing ones and can work as an ideal substitute for the product. This helps in setting the standard in the market while focusing on great platforms. Just like Amazon did and has managed to sell exponentially more products than stores.

Eliminate the Heavyweights
This is another mindset that one needs to have. There is no doubt that running a business is not easy and there will be heavyweights that we need to eliminate along the way. It is essential to work and act to eliminate these heavyweights and thrive in the business.
As Page mentioned in one of his interviews, the risks are something that businesses can’t afford at any phase. Be it in the start or once they are at the top of their chain. Hence, it is essential to be optimistic about the goals. This helps in aiming high and reaching the goals. And this one of the most important lessons in entrepreneurship.

Important Work Will Eventually Change The World
Make sure that the idea that you are working on has the power to change this world for something better and great. It is best to make sure that you are resolving the problems and be great at what you do.
As mentioned earlier, if you are not solving the problems then you might be doing something wrong. So, keep your priorities clear and dive into the products that can change the business for the better.

Give Respect Take Respect
This one of the top priority qualities of an entrepreneur. Not everyone gives much importance to this but it is a vital aspect when it comes to running a business. It is extremely essential to make sure that the businesses are giving respect to the employees that can give them their best and helps businesses to reach the next level. What you do for your employees, they will return the favor with higher productivity and top-notch quality.

No College Can Teach You To Be An Entrepreneur
If you think that your business can help you to be a great entrepreneur then you are wrong. It is something that no one can teach you in a day or two. Larry Page read the whole shelf to achieve characteristics of entrepreneurship and be a great businessman instead of going to college. You won’t find the answers to real-life problems in college, you can read books and you can learn but there are a few things that you need to experience. Reading can transform your life and take you to new heights of success that can help you achieve your goals.

Don’t Abandon Your Dreams
If you have an opportunity to follow your dreams then make sure to do everything in your power to follow them. Be ambitious, be curious, and go a long way that can help you achieve your dreams. It is essential to follow the ideas and build dreams in a way that can leave a huge impact on the business world.

Along with this, there are so many things that we can learn from him.

  • Make sure that your potential audience can put their trust in your product or business. It is the first and foremost aspect of your business that will help you run a long race.

  • Your excitement will help you thrive in your business world. So, make sure that your objective and business tasks are clear to help you reach your goals.

  • It is going to take substantial risks and persistence that can help you in achieving the goals.

Larry Page’s philosophy and lessons can help you a lot to embrace the struggle and give your best. Just remember – Never Give Up, it is not an option. You believe it, so work for it!

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