Why do we act or react in a certain way in certain situations? Why do things that motivate your friend don’t motivate you or vice versa? Answers to some of these questions are found in different types of personality tests.

What is a personality-profiling test?
A personality-profiling test is an assessment to understand a potential candidate’s characteristic traits. There are no right or wrong answers, or no one can pass or fail these tests. These tests help the employer gauge the employee’s ability to work in a team, his resilience during stressful situations, his beliefs, and morals, understand what motivates him, his willingness to take risks, and think out of the box amongst other things.

Over the years, experts have researched and developed multiple personality profiling tests, and these are divided into two main categories.
Let’s have a look at types of personality inventories: https://wealthdynamics.geniusu.com/blog/personality-profiling-test-definition-purpose-types

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