You have definitely heard about the benefits of videos, but are you hesitant to invest the money and time to create them?

Direct sales were effective not long ago, and the result was easy to assess immediately. Creating video content, on the other hand, is a long-term investment.

Now the realities have changed, business is moving into virtual space. The importance of visual representation of a product or service is growing greatly, if you want to keep your business at the top, a project with properly chosen, high-quality music for a video and good stock like is your faithful helper.

Let's find out why...

7 reasons to use video marketing.

In previous years, many businesses were already using video marketing. This year, the number increases dramatically.

1. Video increases conversions and sales

Have you noticed that videos on the selling page have become increasingly common?

Do you know why? According to statistics, using video increases website conversion by 80%. The same is true for sales. Studies show that 74% of customers pay for a product after watching the videos.

There are people who like to read, others like to look. Our brain perceives and processes visual information better. That's why video content has grown so rapidly in recent years.

Another reason: when buying, people are guided by emotion, not by logic. And a commercial is best at creating the right atmosphere, encouraging the visitor to take the necessary "Order" / "Buy" action.

2. Video returns on the investment made

To make a quality video, it takes a lot of time, expensive equipment, and hiring specialists. This requires money. But it is an investment that pays off.

Today, however, you can easily create a viral video using your phone. All you need to do is:

  • shoot during the day in the shade;
  • check the background before pressing the Record button;
  • Place the phone on a stable surface or tripod;
  • connect the microphone.

That's it. Nowadays these videos are at the peak of popularity. Viewers are attracted by the lack of staging and more lively shooting conditions.

3. Video content is more trustworthy.

People have little confidence in online shopping. Few pay for goods online. Many people, ordering something from an online store, pay on the spot with a courier, making the purchase in their hands.

The commercial helps bring the product closer to the customer. Show the product in action. You need to allay all fears, and create a sense of personalization. Build confidence in the product and the retailer.


4. Search engines love videos.

The ads increase the time visitors spend on your site. And this, in turn, raises your chances of getting in the first lines in search results. The search engine "sees" that people have found a lot of useful information on your site. Therefore, embed videos in articles, product descriptions on the main page of the site.

In addition, such content is also promoted independently. Videos from YouTube are pulled up to the page with search results.

5. Video promotes social media

Over the last year, many social networks have launched live streaming: Facebook, Instagram. These posts are better ranked and promoted.

Facebook has made video autoplay, and Instagram has increased the length of posts from 15 seconds to a minute and is increasingly pulling in "Recommended" videos. YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world.

Video rules, that's a fact that can't be denied. It gets more likes, reposts, and comments than text and photos. This means that if you publish videos, you're more likely to be on your subscribers' news feeds. They remember you. They read you. And when choosing a product, they are more likely to remember you than your competitors.

6. The video is watched even by workaholics.

There are potential clients who love to read and are willing to trade a commercial for thousands of characters of text. Workaholics don't have time to read or look at anything. But even they watch videos from time to time.

For example, when scrolling through a Facebook feed, they stop scrolling when they see videos. They also go to YouTube in the evening to watch a new video from their favorite author. And it could be your or your company’s video. Or they could watching a movie where an ad appears in the middle. Your product, perhaps.

7. Video increases the conversion rate of advertising campaigns

Did you know that it's now trending to insert a video into an email? According to studies-it increases click-through rates by 96%?

The word "video" in the subject line increases opens by 19%, conversions by 65%, and reduces the unsubscribe rate by 26%. It's a great way to "revitalize" your subscriber base, increase loyalty, and increase sales.

Does a business need video marketing? Everyone decides for themselves. But time sets its own priorities. And these priorities are tough enough.


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