The life of an entrepreneur has a big ball of stress always looming over their heads. 🤕 The pressure of performance, the constant need to stay motivated, and running a show can get to a person sneakily and faster than one can imagine.

However, sound mental health at the workplace plays a significant role in determining the enterprise’s success, an aspect many people don’t pay enough attention to. 🤔

Research has proven that less than 50% of entrepreneurs have known to go through mental health issues, e.g. depression, attention hyperactivity deficit disorder, bipolar spectrum disorder or substance abuse. With being the ideating and main driving force behind the business, one needs to make sure that they do not let their mental health take a hit and constantly strive to maintain its well-being! 😇

Let’s look at some of the ways mental health co-relates with the business and how to keep oneself from plummeting into a dark hole of poor mental health.


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