Unless you spent the last year meditating in a cave high up in the Himalayas 🏔️, you would have witnessed the tectonic shift in how we work and do business. While some businesses were better prepared to navigate this unpredictable environment, many others weren’t. But why did some businesses struggle to deal with this change? 🤔

The apparent answer, staring us right in the face 👀, is technology or, more specifically, a lack of it. The companies that struggled failed to embrace and implement essential business technologies. And when the rules of the game changed, they were caught off guard. 🤐

Since then, the good news is that more and more businesses are righting their wrongs ☑️, which has accelerated the adoption of new technology. And this trend is here to stay. 

Here is how technology helps shape and build the future of entrepreneurship digitally.

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