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"I have been mentored by Roger James Hamilton, founder and CEO of Genius Group Ltd, an entrepreneur education company with 2 million users on its edtech platform GeniusU Roger is a great visionary and I go on monthly calls with him as part of Genius Group’s Crystal Circle, an invitation-only global mentoring group. The calls enable me and other entrepreneurs to discuss where our businesses are going but also what trends Roger is seeing in the online space. Roger also introduced me to hololens which we used to develop into a concept dog and cow model a few years ago with Microsoft and a couple of the universities. Roger’s Talent Dynamic Personality Profiling test has been used in my business since inception to get me clear and focused and also to help me develop the team.

Through Roger and the Genius community, I have made invaluable connections and friends, and I learned so much that I have then channeled back into my business. I feel that the support and guidance offered via Genius Group has really helped me grow my business to where it is today and without this network, my business growth may not have been so exponential."

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