We spoke with Simon Zutshi, CEO of property investors network, about his entrepreneurial journey

How did you come across Genius Group and what inspired you to join the community?

I first met Roger in 2006/2007 through a mutual contact. I was initially impressed by Roger and the Wealth Dynamics profiling he offered and joined a mini circle in Birmingham.

In 2010-2011 property investors network started using Wealth Dynamics profiling for all pin members. We found it to be a powerful tool and makes working with others so much easier as you have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. We then also integrated Wealth Dynamics into all of the pin teachings.

As the partnership progressed, pin then started promoting Roger’s events to our network and inviting them to join some of their events, such as the 2-day Entrepreneur Fastrack summits.

At this time pin became an affiliate and a number of our members went on to get involved in working retreats at Bali or joined the Genius Group crystal circle, which is an invite-only business mentoring programme.

What was your experience in Crystal Circle?  Did the mentoring benefit you and your business? 

I was a guest panellist at a Genius Group event in 2013 talking about how I had grown pin and created a community. Simon Dixon was there as a founder of a website called Bank to the Future. Simon talked about crowdfunding and how it worked, and it made me wonder if this was possible in property. We had people on our pin database who had money to invest and wanted a better return and being at this event inspired me to get going with this idea and it stimulated my thinking.

Via my crystal circle mentoring, I ran this idea by Roger, and he helped shape the business. He said it could be a 100-million-dollar business and he was right. Crowd Property are on track to reach that valuation in the next three years.

Crowd Property lend money to developers and fund projects and have supported projects totalling in excess of £300M+. The business was recently valued at £24 million.

Where are you and your business at today and what are your future plans?

I am now a top-level partner at Genius Group and because I have been mentored by Roger throughout my business journey, he is now very familiar with the businesses.

Through Genius Group, pin masterminds are now being developed which are physical and virtual training programmes including a Wealth Dynamics style test for Real Estate, which is planned to launch later this year. Genius Group is also great at helping people to grow wealth with strategies on investing stocks, shares and crypto. If an entrepreneur is doing well, and they have money in the bank, Genius Group provides them the education and strategies to start investing.

I am now working with Roger to create content for the GeniusU platform – many people from around the world do pin training as the UK is a good place to invest in property. We are creating a real estate masterclass – of course, principles of real estate will change in location dues to taxes and legislation, but the pin training offers strategies and methods, regardless of location.

Genius Group recently acquired pin as part of their IPO, but I will stay on for 2-3 years as CEO until I can remove myself whilst allowing the company to carry on.

Genius Group has been fundamental in pin’s business growth, we now have pin meetings across the world and training available for everyone on the GeniusU platform. We also plan to use the global network of physical locations owned by Genius Group including Entrepreneur Resorts and Genius Central as meeting places.

Advice to people thinking of joining Genius Group

Genius Group offers huge benefit to people who want to learn something – there are microschools and degrees on a whole range of topics all online. With many online learning platforms there is the worry of not knowing how good the information or advice is but with Genius Group the information is curated and they are careful about the content they put out - all experts are credible and leaders in their fields of expertise.  

The other main benefit is the network. Often, when embarking on new learning, knowledge is not enough. With GeniusU you get a community and a network which is invaluable. And, as everyone on GeniusU takes the Wealth Dynamics test, the Genie in your pocket (AI) will suggest particular courses, events or people based on your profile. By utilising AI, the platform is constantly evolving to get better and better. Genius Group offer tailor made experiences utilizing their profiling and AI technology.

Where can we find out more about your business?



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