GeniusU’s 5-Day $50K Investor Challenge, is a free online global challenge, aimed at all levels of investors, from complete novices to passive investors with basic investment knowledge and even active seasoned investors with an investment portfolio. The course offers advice on global shares and currencies, property, cryptocurrencies and commodities and how to build an investor 5.0 portfolio.

This year’s winner of the 5 Day $50k Investor Challenge was Moogie Quarcoo and the runner-up finalists were Florian Schaeffer and Christian Adelwohrer. The winners received $50K in prizes, including $3K cash or crypto, membership to the Genius Crystal Circle Mentoring Group, and access to the Genius Accelerator Programme.

The Challenge was hosted by Roger James Hamilton, founder and CEO of Genius Group, along with a global group of investing experts. Course participants learned essential Investor 5.0 skills to build a strong investment portfolio plan while connecting to a global retail investor community. 

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