We spoke with Max Telford, Founder of Maxtel Software, about his entrepreneurial journey

How did you come across Genius Group and what inspired you to join the community?

I first met Roger back in 2009 but it wasn’t till 6 years later that I gave his ideas and Genius Group a serious go.

I joined Crystal Circle in 2015, went to Bali, and met a pile of great people – and life changed irreversibly.

What was your experience in Crystal Circle?  Did the mentoring benefit you and your business?

Prior to joining Crystal Circle, my business (primarily back-office software for McDonald’s restaurants in NZ & AU) was turning over upwards of NZ$ 1 million, and cash flow from alt investments was negative. Six years later my business turnover had more than tripled, and cash flow from alternative investments matched my business-related income.

The business was too dependent on me and not really growing. Roger and his team challenged a number of my beliefs, made me look at the structure differently, and helped me find and grow a senior management team. 

The people I’ve met through Roger have had a massive impact on my success. From accountability coaches and business service providers to alternative investment opportunities – these have all been fundamental to the success of my business. 

The journey has at times been painful and confronting – but it has also been fun and adventurous.  I have great memories of the times shared in Bali, South Africa, China, Japan, India, Nepal, and Tibet.  Whether on a game safari at Tau, walking the Great Wall of China, visiting the Taj Mahal in India, flying to Everest base camp, or experiencing the chanting monks in Tibetan monasteries – the experiences and learnings of being part of Genius Group have been incredible.

Where are you and your business at today and what are your future plans?

I now have a General Manager and a CFO who look after the parts of the business I wasn’t strong in, and together we’ve grown the turnover. They are fellow shareholders and passionate about the business. My reduced shareholding is worth more than what it was before they joined, and the business is nowhere near as dependent on me.

I have invested financially in the vision and the impact Roger is having on the world through GeniusU. I’m excited to see where the next few years take us all.

The positive cash flow from alternative investments I now enjoy has all come through people who I’ve met through Roger and the Genius Group community.   

I have gained financially and emotionally in both my business and personal life.  There is still more to go but I’m very happy I’ve journeyed this far already.

Where can we find out more about your business?



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