Entrepreneurs don’t get jobs, they create jobs. The Young Entrepreneur Academy helps children understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to develop the essential skills to create the future they desire.

Learning is fun – at least we believe it is!  The Young Entrepreneur Academy was set up to help provide 10-18 year olds with the skills and entrepreneurial training to launch their own digital business within 2 weeks, ensuring they can create themselves a job for life.  The programme is split into two camps –Junior for 10-13 year olds and Senior for 14-18 year olds.

The budding young entrepreneurs will spend one to two hours a day learning how to launch their own business – whether they want to start a podcast, build an app or have an online store, we will help them get started. 

The course is delivered over two weeks online with live mentor sessions and live implementations sessions. Each student will have their own personal facilitator to guide them towards their final plan. Plus, participants who complete their business plans will have the opportunity to be in the running to win awards.

The children and teenagers will have a fantastic opportunity to meet with others from around the world.  Besides the educational content, this programme will also help to increase their confidence and self-esteem, and create deeper connections and strengthen family relationships. They will learn how to effectively and quickly collaborate with others to develop highly effective communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.

The programme runs from 8th - 19th August 2022 and you can sign up for it here: Genius School’s Young Entrepreneur Academy (geniusu.com)

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