Known as a world-renowned futurist, Roger James Hamilton is a New York Times bestselling author, founder, and CEO of Genius Group. His company has the largest Entrepreneur Network in the world, covering almost 200 countries. It holds the highest position as the world’s largest entrepreneur education business globally, and Roger Hamilton mentors entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises and find their flow. This global education movement founded by him and leading education entrepreneur Angela Stead connects entrepreneurs to the smartest knowledge, connections, and opportunities and has thus empowered the Entrepreneur Movement.

Roger James Hamilton contributed to the Entrepreneurship industry in many ways; his talks are about marketing strategies that should be implemented to align with the ever-growing technology-driven age. His guidance helps entrepreneurs struggling to keep up with the changes and provides strategies and tools deliberately crafted to help scale the business with numerous advancements.

Highlights of his contribution to the entrepreneurship industry

  • Roger James Hamilton is the founder of Entrepreneur Resorts and Beach Clubs Group, collectively growing to create and contribute wealth.
  • He has a Genius Institute, Genius School, and a tech company, GeniusU, an education system with a 21st-century curriculum, faculty, and campuses to deliver education globally.
  • Roger James Hamilton is also the creator of Talent Dynamics and Wealth Dynamics, which used worldwide entrepreneurs to follow their flow and assess themselves at each step of the Wealth Lighthouse.

Overview of Genius School

Genius School is currently building an entrepreneurial curriculum based on project-based learning theories. It provides the direction and confidence to a child to forge their path in the world of work and create their job. Roger James Hamilton is pushing education models to equip children with the skills needed to create a more inclusive, cohesive, and productive world. Thus, Roger is using technology as a driving force to break down international barriers and engage children with all dynamics of entrepreneurship program. His school plays a big part in helping students identify their strengths and create self-aware lifelong learners, who are our empowered future leaders. Moreover, he is acquiring a global faculty by assembling thought leaders and entrepreneurs who share the same vision. They help teach and provide their experience and knowledge through the courses and mentor on GeniusU.

Some of the Salient features of this institute are

  • They are specially designed for entrepreneurs to conduct personalized assessments.
  • This learning platform has step-by-step plans and video, audio, and mobile content.
  • One can sign up free for Affiliate Program and be one of the Entrepreneurs Institute Partners.
  • Learn the tools to build a global business through Entrepreneur Accelerator and understand the five key fundamentals of the entrepreneurship journey.
  • Get the support of mentors by applying to monthly group mentoring calls with a select group and get guidance and inspiration through them.

Benefits of applying to GeniusU institute entrepreneurship program

  • Develop a ‘future vision’ that not only serves you but also shapes the world in which we are living together.
  • Provides you with the specific steps that show you how to reach the pinnacle of entrepreneurship.
  • Provides a series of personalized tools and programs based on your path and level.
  • Get connected to the best and the topmost Entrepreneurs Institute Practitioners for even more personalized support.
  • When you feel ready with your experience, you can apply to join Roger’s mentoring program for entrepreneurs committed to making significant progress.


Roger James Hamilton’s leading mastermind program or entrepreneur resorts are meant for purpose-driven entrepreneurs looking to stay ahead of the curve. The interviews of leading global entrepreneurs help others learn the strategies that have expanded their wealth spectrum. 

In a world of information overload, you need clear direction. Entrepreneurs and business leaders use Hamilton’s designed assessments and talks to find their natural path. They help business leaders to be in sync with the cycle of their teams, with a proven step-by-step plan determining their unique strengths. 

With Genius School, one can drive predictable revenue into business and apply those unique approaches to boost productivity and exponentially grow business. Roger Hamilton has enabled a robust mission to grow wealth together. Be a part of the solution today.

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