The Global Impact Investor Summit from Genius Group is running from Thursday 20th October to Friday 21st October 2022.

Join world-renowned futurist, best-selling author and founder of Genius Group, Roger James Hamilton along with mentors Simon Zutshi, Marcus de Maria and Mark Robinson for an in-depth 2-day investment summit. At the event, there will also be 2,000 retail investors and other world-class speakers, and mentors online all covering today’s hot investment topics such as Cryptocurrencies & commodities, NFT's, Metaverse, Stocks & shares, and Property Markets.

The Global Impact Investor Summit has been designed to support investors and entrepreneurs to thrive in these unpredictable times while keeping an eye on the upcoming opportunities in the digital decade. It's always in times of greatest crisis that we find these unprecedented opportunities.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Ride the waves of digital trends and profit from them using Investor 5.0 strategies.

  • Leverage global stocks and shares, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and property to build an investment portfolio with purpose.

  • Identify your personal impact, passions and strengths to stay in flow in both life and business.

  • Scale your business sustainably in a way that sets you apart from the competition while using the simplest and smartest ways to access capital.

  • Build a global business that allows you to design your life with the freedom to work from anywhere.

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