Who are the Accumulators?
The "Accumulator" - like Warren Buffett, apply research-driven decisions to win the race. They are your best ambassadors and great at getting things done on time yet can be slow to decide and will run from chaos.

The Accumulator profile strengths are that they are --
Reliable, careful, delivers on time, organised, looks for a time and place for everything, sees what can go wrong, and keeps the team together.

They are most successful when --
▪️ When left to work at their own pace, Accumulators are the tortoises that win the race.
▪️ They are slow to get started, yet pick up the pieces others leave behind. They deliver results by putting in the hard work.

Another rare find is, Accumulators bring incredible value to the table. In this short video, our Production Manager, Shane Bowen, shines a light on why that is the case for accumulators.

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