Technology is growing exponentially. Advanced open source AI programs have attracted millions of users in the last month. ChatGPT is now completing homework assignments and writing novels. DALL-E 2 is designing virtual worlds and painting art pieces. Meanwhile, look at any social media platform and it looks like our human consciousness is going backwards with more conflict and division than ever.

For my first blog of 2023 I shot this video in Bali, where Genius Group began. The idea for a company with a new type of education curriculum - one based on a personalized entrepreneurial, life long learning pathway - was inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s concept of “The Final Exam”


Bucky said back in the 1970s that we are in humanity’s Final Exam. He said that technology could solve all the world’s grand challenges a these challenges are distribution issues. When we say there’s hunger, it isn’t because there isn’t enough food. It’s just that it’s not distributed effectively. Same with poverty. There’s plenty of money, but again not distributed effectively. The same goes for education. We have more knowledge than ever and still remain largely unable to apply it effectively without massive amounts of student depression and student debt.

Bucky said that even in the 1970s technology could already solve all these issues. So why hadn’t it? Because human consciousness had not caught up to harness it. We were still living in conflict, lack and small mindedness. He said we were now in a Final Exam in which there were only two outcomes:

  1. We find ways through education to accelerate our collective conscisouness and eventually harness technology to solve humanity’s and earth’s greatest challenges, or
  2. We didn’t grow our consciousness fast enough, while technology would increasingly accelerate and eventually destroy us.


We are now by all predictions only years away from Superhuman AI and the Singularity, when computers will be smarter than humans and continue to create computers smarter than themselves. Top minds including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking before he died warned of the dangers of this tipping point.

The clock is ticking on the Final Exam, and at this point it looks ilke we’re failing. That’s why the mission of education and edtech company like Genius Group are more important than ever.


2022 was a milestone year for us. On the positive, we had our IPO on NYSE American, completed five acquisitions across the entire education spectrum from early learning, primary school, secondary school, university and adult learning, and launched our Entrepreneur Campus and Investor Campus.

On the negative side, our publcly traded share came under attach by rogue traders and we hired lawyers to counter the attack, led by Wes Christian who is well known for exposing illegal short selling in companies like ours. He’s recently uncovered evidence of significant amounts of counterfeit shares in Genius Group being sold to the market. The result is our market cap has been pushed down to a fraction of our group’s net asset value and an even smaller fraction of analyst price targets for Genius Group.


2023 is the year we go on the offensive and prove that a mission driven company like Genius Group with our healthy balance sheet, strong track record of growth and support from our global community of retail investors can add value faster to the world than criminal trading activity can take it away.

If you believe in our mission, join us as a student, partner, investor or all three. Tune in to my weekly blogs and news I’m sharing publicly on GeniusU, Youtube and Twitter to keep you up-to-date with our progress.


"Humanity is taking its final exam. We have come to an extraordinary moment when it doesn't have to be you or me. There is enough for all.”

- Buckminster Fuller


This is it. The final exam. This is one exam we need to - and can - ace together.



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