In this week’s Property Education video, Simon Zutshi, author of Property Magic, founder of the property investors network (pin), a successful property investor since 1995, shares how you could be Selling Property in a Falling Market at full Market Price in 2023.

There are many Reasons Why Landlords Are Looking to Sell Currently, Simon explains how this video is beneficial to Landlords Selling Up who don’t want to sell their properties Below Market Value. He also outlines that the video will help those property investors wanting to Bag a Home in a Falling Market whilst helping landlords at the same time.

How Do Rising Interest Rates Affect the Property Market? With Rising Interest Rates Explained alongside the impact of Section 24 Property Tax, Simon begins to elaborate on Lease Option Agreements being a key Property Strategy to utilize right now.

A Lease Option Agreement Contract, agreed with another property investor or Tenant Buyer, allows the landlord to remove the hassle of ownership, but still benefit from rental income from their property, until the tenant buyer or property investor, have the right to buy in 3-5 years. If you sell to a property investor, they could repurpose the property and rent it out in a more profitable way e.g. a House of Multiple Occupancy or a Short Term Rental / Serviced Accommodation.

Simon stresses how a Lease Option Agreement in the UK won’t work if the sellers need the money right now, but if they don’t, they will receive a better return than they would by selling and putting the profit in a bank. It is also essential that your Lease Option Agreement is put together by a solicitor who understands Lease Option Contracts because most solicitors are not familiar with Lease Options.

Once you educate yourself on What is a Lease Option, you will have a massive competitive advantage in the 2023 Property Market.


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