The internet now has triple the number of robots using it than humans. The number of robots will continue to increase and their dominance will explode over the next 10 years.

To highlight these advancements, we can see well-known brands already moving towards automating tasks. Starbucks is introducing robots into their coffee shops and Tesla has launched driverless delivery trucks.  This is just the beginning of robots taking over the jobs market.

Going forward, entrepreneurs should be looking at their processes and anything that is repetitive should be moved to robotic output and any time created by doing this should be used more productively. This shift in mindset is about embracing changing technologies and being ahead of the curve, rather than being left behind.

It’s not just automation that robots are good at, they are also very good at analysing data and identifying opportunities and risks. Over 70% of all trades today on the stock market are being completed by robots and this is having a huge impact on the financial markets.

To find out more about how robots are changing the world as we know it, watch the replay of the Global Entrepreneur Summit Day 1 here and Day 2 here.

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