A personality test is a mechanism to understand a person’s behavioural traits, comprehend complex situations, conduct in various circumstances, their social quotient, and strengths and weaknesses. Of course, there are no wrong or right answers as far as a personality test is concerned. Still, the most accurate results are only derived if one doesn’t decide to “forge” responses or try to present themselves in a certain way that sounds desirable from their perspective.

These tests are conducted for various reasons. But here we will discuss the profile test for employment. Personality tests and employment have had an age-old relation. For centuries employers have been using profile tests for employment when hiring a new employee and promoting one to a leadership role.

The employee personality profile test reveals the five important factors vital in predicting a future employee’s job performance.

Extroversion – This trait highlights an outgoing personality eager to meet new people, and confident about conversing with people outside of their circle. More often than not, especially in roles like marketing and PR, employees are required to put behind all their inhibitions and pick up the phone or go for networking meetings with absolute strangers; a higher score on this would make a candidate favourable for such a role.

Openness – The trait showcases a person’s openness to new experiences, willingness to step out of the comfort zone, and level or extent of creativity. This trait tells an employer how inclined would an employee be to accept a unique situation at work probably or be adaptable to a new process that the company might decide to go through in future.

Neuroticism – Every job comes with its struggles and stress. When a person takes a personality test, another trait that an employer looks out for is a reaction to mental stress and resilience after going through a pressurizing situation. Therefore, the candidate with a lower score in this trait would be more desirable by an employer.

Agreeableness – Rated as one of the most highly desirable traits, it shows an employee’s communication skills and enthusiasm to help others. This directly emphasizes a candidate’s capabilities of being a team player. The higher the score, the more compassionate and cooperative the candidate is expected to be.

Conscientiousness – Studies have shown that candidates, who come back with a high score in this category when given the profile test for employment, always prove to be most efficient in their job performance. This trait highlights how organized and dependable a person’s characteristics are.

A highly conscientious person owns their role and takes it in stride to complete the tasks without being constantly monitored. He is also extremely organized, which makes life easy for oneself and anyone directly or indirectly involved with projects with this person.

As we have seen, employee personality tests reveal many hidden traits that might not come forth in a regular interview with a potential candidate, which mainly discusses skills and not personality traits. Hence it is highly recommended to have these tests taken by potential candidates or even existing employees for effective communication and to avoid burnout! Wealth Dynamics offers a validated personality test that can help you achieve such desired workplace environment.

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