The Wealth Dynamics Masters Virtual Program from GeniusU helps attendees create a totally crisis-proof plan for the next 12 months, allowing their business to fully digitise and double in size.

The Wealth Dynamics Masters Program will help entrepreneurs create a full and comprehensive business plan covering every element of their business concept, a priority plan and a step-by-step strategy to ensure their wealth is not an accident. Roger James Hamilton, CEO and Founder of Genius Group, and a panel of other mentors will lead the exclusive group of entrepreneurs who join the program.
The program will be run virtually over 5 days and 3 time zones, meaning that everyone gets a fully live experience with the mentors and with Roger.

Five reasons to attend the virtual Wealth Dynamics Masters in February:

  1. This is Roger James Hamilton’s signature event and the only programme entrepreneurs can attend where he is mentoring live over the 5 days, giving attendees the absolute best possible setup for 2023 and beyond.
  2. Generate a recession-proof plan that will allow entrepreneurs to double their growth in 2023 with a fully digital model in the next 12 months.
  3. Create a compelling 52-week plan that entrepreneurs can follow alongside the ability to check in with the expert team every quarter to make sure they are on track and meeting their targets.
  4. Connect with 100s of purpose and future-proof entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of restoring communities and economies in 2023 and beyond.
  5. Get in front of 4+ Million entrepreneurs on the GeniusU platform and access a suite of crisis-ready products.

To apply for your place, click here.

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