Many people find learning new skills hard, and they may give up before reaching the end of their course. But AI is changing this, by personalising learning journeys and engaging the user to move from stage to stage.

Genius Group has identified this and is currently working on developing their AI Genie to ensure every one of their 4 million plus users can get the most out of their personalised learning pathway and excel at learning new skills.

By personalising students’ experiences and pathways based on their interests, passions and purpose, we find that many more students and users exceed. AI will also enable educators to develop pesonalised and updated content and curriculum.

As Genius Group develops this technology we will introduce:

  •  An Interactive AR Layer via our metaversity where students and users can create their own avatars and connect with others around the world.

  • An Immersive Learning experience with live programmes.

  • Integrated earning with blockchain-based Genie Gems.

  • Predictive Metaverse - making sure we’re at the forefront of edtech offering technology that predicts and guides people to the next step in their learning pathway.

This is the future of education and we are so excited to be leading the education revolution.

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