In this week’s property education video, I’ll be sharing 5 Ways to Find Good Property Deals in the UK.

Before I break down How to Find Good Property Deals, I’ll highlight how each of these UK Property Investing methods don't cost you anything and are great to put to use during the current Housing Market.

The very first method I’ll cover is working with Estate Agents. I wouldn’t usually recommend this, but given that the Property Market is coming down, buyers are now more flexible to negotiation.

Wherever possible, you should physically go and visit the Estate Agent Office in order to form relationships and always remember to refrain from mentioning your experience with Property Training if you want to work with Motivated Sellers or Below Market Property.

My 5 Methods to Finding Property Investment Deals also include going to Property Auctions, utilising, Property Networking through pin Meetings and speaking to Letting Agents.

If you want to learn more about How to Become a Successful Investor who knows How to Get a Great Property Deals in your area, click on the link below for some free training from me personally.


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