In this week’s property education video, I’m joined by Kevin Whelan to discuss two major changes in relation to SSAS Pensions (Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme) alongside the importance of setting yours up if you are interested in UK Property Investing.

With SSAS Pensions Explained, both myself & Kevin highlight the value of learning how to open a SSAS as a business. Take complete control of old pensions and profits and put them into an unlimited Trust Fund to support or scale your company.

Investing in a SSAS Pensions Masterclass is a way for you to gain valuable knowledge on how you could be Property Investing with Your Pension. Registering for our property training regarding SSASS will give you an in- depth explanation of how you could be Building Wealth with Rental Properties involved.

Kevin outlines some of the ways to use Your SSAS Pension, including Buying (e.g. Commercial to Residential, Supported Living), Bridging Finance and Borrowing. You can essentially become a bank for yourself and create value by helping other people. He then talks through the pros of now having an unlimited size of pension with no tax downsides. What is a Trust Fund? Kevin explains how you are able to build yours tax free and grow it for an infinite amount of money.

If you want to know How to Become a Successful Property Investor or how to build wealth overall, it’s not just about making lots of money, but keeping it. Make use of Tax Loopholes where you can and start benefiting from SSAS Pensions Property today.


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