In this week’s Property Education video, I’ll be introducing current Property Mastermind students Nick Faucher and Stephen Cowgill, who joined our Spokesperson Competition at our latest Strategy Implementation Live event.

Want to create passive income through UK property investing? Nick and Stephen’s property success in the UK journey can outline several ways to become a successful property investor.

Nick, who’s biggest goal and ‘Reason Why’ for scaling his Property Portfolio was taking his grandma out of a care home, improved her quality of life and provided his family with more time for one another. This was a key factor to adopting the right mindset about property investing.

Within just a few months of my Property Training, Nick was able to secure 3 Property Deals, making use of Property Investing Strategies such as Rent to Rent Serviced Accommodation (R2RSA). He stresses how becoming a Successful Property Investor wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Property Mastermind providing you the tools, Property Networking and the belief to achieve more.

Steve Cowgill also elaborates on How to Get Your Property Portfolio to Replace Your Income, stating how having a strong ‘Reason Why’ such as freedom for your family is a great way to start.

Originally with a corporate role in Oman, Steve utilized the valuable Property Knowledge to get involved with a 6 Bed HMO Conversion. Really quickly, Steve managed to increase the earnings from this property from £250 to £28,000 a year, an overall 800% rise.

He summarizes how switching a Fixed Mindset to the Mindset of High Achievers is essential when Starting a Property Investment Portfolio. Steve shares his long term goals of wanting to help people in the UAE Investing in UK Property from Overseas.


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