On the 4th of April at 8.00 am UK Time, Genius Group is hoisting a 3-hour partner conference where you can discover a three-step approach to help you as an educator leverage Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to enhance your Education Business. By joining us you will learn how to increase your revenue and also have a greater impact on the education system by implementing AI in your daily business.

We will be sharing a three-step plan so that you as educators, can become more effective and successful in your business, by using A.I. technology to improve your teaching and learning outcomes, and ultimately making a positive impact on the education system as a whole.

What is the conference about?

Develop a strong foundation in artificial intelligence (AI) and education.

Familiarise yourself with the latest trends & developments in the world of AI & how you can use it in your business.

Identify opportunities to integrate AI into your teaching practice.

Understanding how to use AI-powered tools & techniques to personalise learning experiences for your clients and learners.

Add AI to your business.

By implementing AI into your business, you will develop your skills.

Join our conference which will help you develop your skills, identify opportunities specific to your business and apply these learnings to your education practice.

To book your place visit:  https://partners.geniusu.com/conference/


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