6 steps to become more aligned to your purpose; learn how to monetize it for greater profit; and find your path to your higher potential as a changemaker.

The microdegree helps you gather your thoughts for your enterprise idea, business model, and new directions. You'll also discover some details about your purpose and life's mission that can enhance the impact in your business so you can take those all important steps towards making the bigger difference you want to make in the world.

Approximately 5 - 7 Hours To Complete

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Nicola Grace
Nicola Grace
Costa Rica


Microdegree Outcomes
  • You will learn the 5 step Purpose To Profit formula and prepare to implement them;
  • You'll get finer distinctions on what the difference is between your life purpose, higher purpose, life's mission and how this helps you get clarity for your business idea.
  • You will also discover the part of your purpose you need to focus on to reach fulfilment, impact and profit;
  • You'll discover some core information here that you can use to "purpose up" your market position and branding;
  • You’ll learn how to determine what the heart and soul of your business is;
  • You'll create a monetisation model that is structured for triple bottom line profits (people, planet, profit);
  • You will learn how to maximize your profit margins;
  • You'll determine what your core life challenges are that will help you reach your higher potential as an entrepreneur;
  • You'll get more clarity on your Life's Big Mission and how that aligns to one of the Global Sustainable Development Goals the United Nations has adopted to achieve by 2030.
Your Microdegree Mentor
Nicola Grace
Nicola Grace Mentor

“Nicola Grace is a Visionary, Social Entrepreneur and bestselling author of the book Discover What You Are Here To Do. She is also the creator of the global Right Mission Right Money Social Entrepreneur Certification program. 

Nicola is the founder of Mission Mastery Academy, an online transformative education hub offering training, mentoring, workshops, vip idea incubator days, visionary mastermind sessions and retreats to facilitate Changemakers into "for-profit" social enterprise businesses that fulfil their purpose, unleash their Mission Mojo, and transform the world. She is also the recipient of the Woman Economic Forum 2018 Award "Iconic Woman Creating A Better World".

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