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Get Started

New to GeniusU? You have arrived at the first assessment-based online university for transformational and entrepreneur education. Begin by watching this video on the Genius Test and a tour of your first mission: The Genius Test Mission:

How can GeniusU help me?

GeniusU was created by Roger James Hamilton (the guy in the video) and the team at Entrepreneurs Institute to give you personalized learning to help you follow your genius and find your flow.

Roger mentors entrepreneurs and saw that mentors have a way of asking the right questions to find out where you are and where you want to go. Then they can give you direction to get there, instead of irrelevant information which will distract you or overwhelm you. Why not have a personal mentor in your pocket?

That’s what GeniusU is. A personal companion that gets to learn who you are and where you are through assessments like the Genius Test, Passion Test, Millionaire Master Plan test and Wealth Dynamics Test.

It then directs you to the best learning mission to suit you, so you can take the right step for you right now. By %> you can find the people you need to support you on your journey.

The more you use GeniusU, the more it gets to know you. With GeniusU, you get to ignite your genius, follow your flow, and connect with others so you’re never alone - with the direction and inspiration you need to design the life you deserve.

Watch this video on your Genius:

First 3 steps

The first three steps to take will give you an experience of our Genius Missions and how personalized learning is quite different from one-size-fits-all courses.

Step One - Take the Genius Test Mission

If you haven’t yet taken the Genius Test, you can take it here. It will show you what your natural genius is, your strengths, weaknesses and your path to flow. Once you have taken the test, it will lead you to the Genius Test Mission. Follow the steps of the mission to complete your profile, grow your Genius Circle and learn the basics of making the most of your genius.

Step Two - Explore the Links

Once you have completed the Genius Test Mission, GeniusU will recommend the next mission to begin. Take a moment to explore the other links in GeniusU to see how they fit together:

Dashboard - This gives you all the information you need to navigate GeniusU. It includes notifications, your progress through your missions, recommended missions, your community and more. Everything is clickable so you can always go back to the missions you have begun and progress from there. On the left menu bar you can also jump to any step within the missions you have begun.

Profile - This is how others see you when they go to your profile. This includes your social media links, your genius, your social genius, missions complete, community and testimonials. You will find that as you progress, it becomes really helpful to know more about the others in your network. To add to your profile, simply go to the steps of the Genius Test Mission.

Missions - This gives you a full list of all the missions available on GeniusU. We are starting with a small number and growing with world class leaders through 2015. At the time of writing this we have over 100,000 people using GeniusU and this is growing rapidly. However, you only see what’s relevant to you. You can click on any mission in this list to begin new free or premium missions.

Community - Here you can see all the Facebook Friends you have who have begun missions (if you have linked to Facebook) and their Genius Circles. Explore the links here to create your Genius Circle, invite friends and view your Genius Streams. You can also view rankings by social genius.

News - We are posting regularly with the latest news and updates to improve your experience on GeniusU. Later in 2015 we will be inviting GeniusU users to create their own learning missions and assessments.

Help - Any time you need help, just come back to this page

Step Three - Take the Millionaire Master Plan Mission

You will see that there are free missions, and premium missions. The Millionaire Master Plan is a premium mission which unlocks when you buy a copy of the book and use the code inside to take the Millionaire Master Plan test. You can also get a copy of the ebook from Amazon for $9.99.

Roger wrote this book to explain the nine levels of the wealth lighthouse. By knowing your level, you can then take the steps to move to the next level. Getting in flow financially gives you the freedom to get into flow in all areas of your life.

Roger launched his book in August 2014 in the US and it became a New York Times Bestseller. When you’re ready to get a copy, you will see why - It gives you clear direction that suits your genius and your level. You will see a series of missions on GeniusU that relate to the levels in the book. Take them when you’re ready!

Here’s a video that explains the value of the Millionaire Master Plan Test:

Step Four - Bonus Step!

If you are getting inspired by our philosophy of personalized learning for your journey through life, know that GeniusU is just the tip of the iceberg. Entrepreneurs Institute is a community of people around the world committed to working together within our unique talents to make a difference globally.

At Entrepreneurs Institute we are focused at how to ignite your genius. Visit our site to learn more about the tours, events and entrepreneur resort programs that we run and we look forward to connect with you in person!

GeniusU FAQs

GeniusU was launched at the end of July 2014 - so we are still a baby! We’re collecting FAQs, and this section will be updated with a list of them once we have finished putting them together.

Get Support

Need extra help? You can contact our support team here .