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Heather Joy Bassett

Heather Joy Bassett
posted in mentor circle: Business

Jul 3, 2023 at 10:34 in Australia

I love playing the Game of Business! Having had my own for 4+ decades, I now want to partner with others! I won the World Series in Lacrosse! Right people, right place, right time, right reason does that! I’m a supporter / star. I love layering human design with gene keys and wealth dynamics. An Activator, big Picture Strategy, POWeR Beside the thrown. I bring transformation, innovation that ensures continuity. Someone else brings the what, when, how. Magnify, enhance, optimize, align, that’s my jam. A polymath with mastery. I’m looking to play . I’m a rare creature. A Manifestor in HD designed to partner, who loves people. Interpreting, translating and navigating people, so the biggest problem in business doesn’t have a first and last name

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Imagine building a billion-dollar company that competes with the biggest companies in the industry, and doing it with a modest 3-person team powered by AI. 🤔

Grab your beverage of choice, and your favourite notetaking tool, and give...

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Libby Kemkaran

Libby Kemkaran
posted Tame Your Brain® - Voice

Oct 22, 2022 at 17:14 in London, UK

🤨Sit quietly like a good girl. Don’t be bossy. Don’t shout, use your little voice.

Nope. Nopitty nope.

Sing full throated like no ones even in the room to hear you. 

Roar. Scream. 

Because you get one...

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