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Alex Todd
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Apr 13, 2024 at 16:54 in 16 Rosewell Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

Hello GeniusU Community, I'm Alex Todd, Founder of ReliablyME, "EMPOWER CHANGE - One Commitment at a Time," excited to unveil our blockchain-based platform that tracks and rewards reliable commitments. Why ReliablyME? 1. Immediate access for making or requesting commitments. 2. Earn digital badges for reliability. 3. Behavior-changing nudges keep you on track. Try ReliablyME for Free: Message "Hi" to +1 (647) 490-4903 (or for instant commitment-making. Nudging for Change: Experience our nudging process; message me to request a demo. For more details, visit our FAQ: How would you like to use it? We value your feedback as we enhance ReliablyME. Let’s achieve success together. Best, Alex
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Roger Hamilton shares how AI-based learning serves as a training ground that fosters the development of essential resilience and problem-solving skills.

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The Young Entrepreneur Academy is a 2 week microschool empowering young people to launch their own digital businesses as entrepreneurs. The program runs from 7th to 18th August 2023. 60 young entrepreneurs will spend one to two hours a day...

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There has been a recent boom in edtech platforms, adult learning and corporate training including online courses, webinars and masterclasses. Life-long learning is now more widely available and crucial as we see everything advance exponentially....

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Genius School has a global team of Edupreneurs delivering virtual and face-to-face programs to their local schools and communities. Including, micro-camps, microcourses, programs for schools, retreat camps and mirco-schools for young...

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At Genius Group we believe that students, employees, freelancers, and startup founders all need to learn how to be entrepreneurial. We believe that the current education system and online courses do not provide any recognised curriculum that they...

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On the 4th of April at 8.00 am UK Time, Genius Group is hoisting a 3-hour partner conference where you can discover a three-step approach to help you as an educator leverage Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to enhance your Education Business. By...

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