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Based in Oklahoma City, USA with an overseas hub in Oslo, Norway, i21Media is an independently-owned digital management agency with over 11 years experience, specializing in WordPress design and development, and data-driven Growth marketing that is turbo-charged with...
Accelerated Outcomes
Accelerated Outcomes offers programs that enhance your ability to work.
Wealth Dynamics Masters Microschool - Asia Pacific
Prepare your business for 2021 and the start of the digital decade with a plan to at least double your growth 2020 has been a challenging year for Entrepreneurs. Most of us have had to do business radically differently and we can see that this “new” way of doing business is...
Nancy Lee Ma, CPA and Crystal Clear Profits, Inc.
A Transformational CPA who works with Socially Conscious and Holistic Entrepreneurs who want the extra hand-holding to ensure that they are maximizing their impact and minimizing their taxes.
Kingdom Boardroom
Resourcing Kingdom projects thru local communities
Bali - Island of Gods
This circle has been created for you to share and learn about upcoming opportunities & experiences created by Vision Villa Entrepreneur Resort in Bali, Indonesia. I would like to have a space for GeniusU community that is interested in travelling to Bali for business or...
The Fancy Pants Alliance
Master Your Energy and Success Mindset -- Under Normal Conditions, AND Under Stress!
GeniusU Testing Titans
This circle is a place for the GeniusU user group to gather, access all resources and updates related to GeniusU development testing, and add suggestions and feedback. Please check the circle Library for resources and forms to submit feedback, see past calls, and access review...
Before you work with a Stylist
Take this Quiz Before you get on stage or work with a Stylist
Before you get on Stage
Take this Quiz Before you get on stage or work with a Stylist