Welcome to the UAV Salesforce Onboarding 2023, a comprehensive learning journey crafted specifically for the UAV sales team.

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Suraj Naik
Suraj Naik


Microdegree Outcomes

Welcome to the UAV Salesforce Onboarding 2023 Microdegree that empowers UAV Sales and Operations team members to use Salesforce effectively and efficiently.

This course aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and maximize Salesforce effectively as we transition from current manual processes. Designed with your daily tasks and objectives in mind, the course will explore key Salesforce features such as dashboards, reports, lead management, task management, opportunity pipeline, automated commissions, and integrated client calling service.

By the end of this course, users will:

  • Master Dashboards & Reports: Understand how to interpret and leverage data for strategic decision making. Gain insights into your performance and pipeline, enhancing your sales strategy.
  • Manage Qualified Leads: Learn how to identify and prioritize high-conversion opportunities, allowing you to focus your efforts effectively and close more deals.
  • Efficient Task Management: Discover how Salesforce can streamline your daily tasks, helping you focus more on customer interaction and less on administrative work.
  • Optimize Opportunity Pipeline Management: Gain proficiency in tracking and managing your sales progression, ensuring no opportunities are missed and improving deal closure efficiency.
  • Understand Automated Commissions: Familiarize yourself with Salesforce's automated commission calculations and tracking, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your earnings and incentives.
  • Master Integrated Client Calling Service: Learn how to use the integrated calling service for seamless communication, improving client engagement and ensuring efficient record keeping.
  • This course promises a holistic understanding of Salesforce, setting you up for a smoother transition and success in your role as a salesperson.
Your Microdegree Mentor
Suraj Naik
Suraj Naik Mentor

Suraj Naik is the Chief Marketing Officer at Genius Group. He also sits on its board. Genius Group is world’s largest entrepreneur education group with over 4+ million students in over 200 cities.

After successfully launching Wealth Dynamics and Millionaire Master Plan, where he was responsible for executing a 4 months campaign to ensure placement of The Millionaire Master Plan book on the bestsellers list of New York Times, USA Today, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Suraj led the launch of GeniusU.

At 24 Suraj founded an online event ticketing and registration platform which he later sold to Idea Wave Labs.

Suraj’s areas of expertise range from setting up remote development and digital marketing teams, marketing automation, CRM, big data, consulting and entrepreneurship. He holds a Masters in Business Administration.