Welcome to the 5-Day $5K challenge for coaches, trainers, speakers, consultants, educators, and mentors. This course gives you complete access to the recordings of the live event streamed to GeniusU members from 14th to 18th September, 2020. 


Education technology, remote mentoring, and personalised learning have all been booming! Now that people are able to return to schools and offices, many are choosing not to. With this shift comes a huge opportunity for every teacher, trainer, coach, consultant, educator, and speaker to exponentially grow their businesses.


To maximise this opportunity, Michelle Clarke takes you through a strategy for generating a consistent flow of warm leads that enables you to make $5k of new revenues each week.

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michelle clarke
michelle clarke
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Microdegree Outcomes

As we go from industrial one-size-fits-all education and training to personalised mentorship and digital learning, there are simple ways for you to benefit from this disruption today. By the end of this course, you will:

  • Recognise your fastest path to flow
  • Identify the steps to quickly pivot what you have been doing offline to fully digital
  • Apply an easy-to-use method to ensure you have at least a 50% conversion rate from warm lead to sale remotely
  • Connect with a community of like minded “educators” who have already created successful digital training and coaching businesses
Your Microdegree Mentor
michelle clarke
michelle clarke Mentor

Michelle is a Blaze Genius who just loves building Communities and Partnerships! 

Michelle founded Talent Dynamics in Partnership with Roger James Hamilton in 2009. Talent Dynamics is an extension of Wealth Dynamics for large teams and corporates. It grew into over 20 countries with over 500 mentors, before integrating into Entrepreneurs Institute in 2015. Michelle is now the Chief Partnerships Officer for GeniusU, where she mainly works with the top level partners to grow their businesses and communities on GeniusU.