This Microdegree offers an insight into how you can transform your life by coming onboard with me for a month of transformational work where we eliminate limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind and implement new, empowering thoughts, beliefs and actions, transforming your results in record breaking time. You will let go of emotional blocks and regain energy to move forward.

Have you ever gone to seminars, read books, listened to audios or events that you hoped would help you change your actions and your outcome?

Have you succeeded in changing your habits and thoughts as much as you wanted to?

If not, and if there are still emotional blocks limiting you and holding you back, I encourage you to watch this until the end. I will demonstrate and explain how thoughts and actions will have to be changed on a subconscious level to permanently affect your outcome.



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Helga Jensdottir, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, an Advanced Rapid Transformational Coach, an EFT Practitioner and an Empowerment Coach.

Prior to becoming an RTT Practitioner, Helga was an Air Traffic Controller and she is currently a sought after Instructor Internationally within Air Traffic Control, she has taught in Iceland, Spain, Iraq and in the Czech Republic.

She has worked with people all over the world who are determined to change their beliefs, their actions and their outcome in life by helping them get to the root cause of their problems using various methods including hypnosis. She does not only help you discover the root cause, but allows you to uproot it, let go of it and emotional blocks and then implements different, more empowering beliefs, reactions and actions to permanently change your outcome.