Game on!! It's time to get those super important-but-not-yet-done projects DONE once and for all.

Do you have an important action that never gets done?

Consider that action you’ve been avoiding is precisely what holds you back in breaking through to the next level in your business. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Do you justify to yourself why it’s ok not to get this action done? Or wish you could just pay someone else to get it done?

Deep down, do you sense not getting the action done might be eroding your own self-trust?

Would you like to be known as a business leader who can stare down resistance and take the action anyway?

If you've answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, consider the foundation for your business to scale is slowly cracking. When you are able to master your mindset in getting done what you’ve avoided or resisted that’s important--not only will you have more trust and confidence in yourself . . . you will then naturally attract more clients.

I’ve noticed with clients that it’s the subtle actions and inactions we take each moment that determine our future path.


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Anna S. Choi, Conscious Business Coach, empowers the next generation of conscious entrepreneurs to unleash their brilliance, attract more clients, and scale their impact. As a broke art major with zero experience, connections, or knowledge she started her first conscious wealth management business, InsideOut Investing. By age 25, Anna was able to triple her net income and gross six figures. Now she helps her clients do the same by clarifying their vision, leveraging their genius, and executing strategic marketing plans. If you're interested in gaining focus, energy, and inspired action in a like-minded conscious entrepreneur community, learn more at