Elevate your Leadership: Transform Your Business and Your Life

This dynamic course is tailor-made for small business owners ready to elevate their leadership game. Over eight comprehensive modules, you'll uncover the power of self-leadership, define your purpose, create a compelling vision, set and achieve meaningful goals, and cultivate a supportive team. The result? You'll lead your business with unwavering confidence, drive, and vision, turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Don't wait; invest in yourself and your business success today. Your journey begins here.




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Unlock Your True Leadership Potential

Are you a small business owner on a quest to take your enterprise to new heights? Do you find yourself grappling with the complexities of leadership, juggling a multitude of roles, and facing the daily challenges of entrepreneurship? If so, you're not alone. Leading a small business demands a unique set of skills and qualities, and it all starts with Self Leadership.

Welcome to "Elevate your Leadership: A comprehensive self leadership journey for Small Business Owners." This transformative online course is your key to unleashing your untapped leadership potential and paving the way for lasting success in the world of small business.

Your Path to Self Leadership Excellence

Our course is structured around 8 essential modules, each meticulously crafted to guide you through your self leadership journey:

  1. Self Leadership Spiral: Discover the foundations of self leadership and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

  2. Values In Action: Uncover your core values and align them with your business for a more authentic leadership style.

  3. Your Purpose Defined: Explore your deeper purpose and use it as a guiding light in your entrepreneurial journey.

  4. Power of Visioneering: Learn the art of creating a compelling vision for your business, inspiring both you and your team.

  5. Set Priority Goals: Develop a clear and actionable roadmap for achieving your vision, setting the stage for business growth.

  6. Know Your Cheerleaders: Recognize the importance of a support network, and harness the power of positive relationships.

  7. In the Arena: Embrace courage and resilience as you navigate the challenges of small business ownership.

  8. Engage Your Team: Cultivate a high-performing team by implementing effective leadership strategies.

Why Choose "Elevate your Leadership"?

Our course is designed with small business owners in mind. We understand the unique demands and pressures you face every day, and our modules are specifically crafted to help you conquer these challenges with self-assured leadership. By the end of this journey, you'll not only become a better leader but also witness tangible results in your business's growth, employee engagement, and personal fulfillment.

Invest in Yourself, Invest in Your Business

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your leadership and transform your small business into a thriving success story. Your journey begins here, and the possibilities are endless. Join us in "Elevate your Leadership" and take the first step towards a brighter, more prosperous future for both yourself and your business.

Enroll now and discover the self leadership skills that will empower you to lead with confidence, purpose, and vision. Your business deserves nothing less!

The "Elevate Your Leadership" course offers a range of key benefits to small business owners, enabling them to thrive in their leadership roles and drive their businesses to new heights. Here are the key benefits:

Your Microdegree Mentor
Katrina Johnson
Katrina Johnson Mentor

Hello, I'm Katrina Johnson, Founder and Director of NewSky Consulting. My career has been a remarkable tapestry woven with 25 years of experience as the Founding CEO of an award-winning non-profit organisation driven by a strong sense of purpose. This incredible journey has uniquely shaped me, blending my expertise in various domains, including business, management, marketing, human resources, and quality systems.

My passion lies in the profound impact of connection and integrity-based leadership. I specialise in creating and sustaining positive team dynamics, nurturing a vibrant organisational culture, and driving long-term employee engagement, all aligned with an organisation's strategic mission.

My clients include SMEs, corporate teams, not-for-profits, emerging leaders, managers, and business owners. I assist with leadership development, team dynamics and culture , HR policies, procedures and frameworks.

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing & HR), Lead Auditor certification in Quality Management Systems, and Workplace Trainer and Assessor certification. My commitment to continuous learning and growth is unwavering, as evidenced by my certification as a Consultant and Mentor with the Entrepreneurs Institute and my professional membership in the Australian Human Resource Institute. Most recently, I've proudly earned the title of a Certified ThinkRapt System Specialist, always eager to broaden my toolkit to better serve my clients.

My journey signifies a deep commitment to empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. I approach leadership and teamwork with warmth and inspiration, leaving a lasting mark.

If you seek a HR specialist, mentor, coach, or facilitator passionate about your success and that of your people, I'm here. Let's embark on a journey toward a brighter future marked by growth, connection, and unwavering integrity.

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