This is a Microdegree to explore your Entrepreneurial Profile through the "Hero's Journey" as created by Joseph Campbell.


The main objective of this learning is to awaken you to the Hero's / Heroine's experience and see how your entrepreneurial profile can travel it's own unique and deeper quest to support your entrepreneurship.


* Do you have a DEEPER stirring in your bones?


* A desire of BECOMING more of your authentic self?


* Have you got your MAP to navigate your DESTINY?


Let me GUIDE you on an internal quest into a Special World, where you travel into the "Field of Adventure" and come to understand yourself greatly as an Entrepreneur.


EXPAND your self awareness so that you can THINK differently and make better decisions and choices. 


If you do not have your Wealth Dynamic Vector Cards

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Microdegree Outcomes
  • You will learn how to work with your Wealth Dynamics Vector Cards
  • You will discover what is the Hero or Heroine's Journey
  • You will apply your entrepreneurial profile to it's unique Journey to gain greater self awareness

Catherine is a qualified Transformational Dreambuilder Coach, Certified Flow & Performance Consultant, Mentor on Genius U & Practitioner of Tarot & I-Ching inspired Wealth Dynamics Vector Cards. She guides her clients on their entrepreneurial journey to clarity, meaning & direction.

Her unique practice gives deep insight, proven strategy & tactics to refine your business & make clearer decisions. Grounded in real life experience & proven success, Catherine communicates clearly from a collective depth of universal laws & fundamental truths.

Purchase -- USD 97.00

Degree Steps