This Microdegree, exclusively for our Event Partners, shares with you the benefits of coming on board as an Event Partner and goes through the steps for ensuring a successful event for both you and your guests. 

As an Event Partner, you have an amazing opportunity to:

  1. 1. Create a unique experience: We continuously get amazing feedback about the quality of Entrepreneur Institute events and the value that Roger delivers when he's on stage.
    2. Establish yourself as a leader: Being an Event Partner allows you to stand out as a leader of the entrepreneur movement within your city.
    e. Earn commissions: We thank you for being an Event Partner by allowing you to earn commissions from every person you put into the room. 

In this Microdegree, you'll learn from key team members how to become an integral part of our successful events for entrepreneurs around the world.


Microdegree Outcomes
Your Microdegree Mentor
michelle clarke
michelle clarke Mentor

Michelle is a Blaze Genius who just loves building Communities and Partnerships! 

Michelle founded Talent Dynamics in Partnership with Roger James Hamilton in 2009. Talent Dynamics is an extension of Wealth Dynamics for large teams and corporates. It grew into over 20 countries with over 500 mentors, before integrating into Entrepreneurs Institute in 2015. Michelle is now the Chief Partnerships Officer for GeniusU, where she mainly works with the top level partners to grow their businesses and communities on GeniusU.